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Small groups


Regular activities

Wednesday meeting



Small groups

Small groups meet in homes weekdays. They are a great opportunity to get to know people. Depending on the small group people eat together, study the Bible, have discussions about specific topics, make music or pray together.

If you want to join a small group, just contact the person responsible.


Shared meals

About four times a year we organize big potluck meals.

Everyone brings Something to share. It's a great opportunity to meet new people and taste all kinds of food from different nations.


Special activities

Every year we organize special day-out activities: visiting Geneva highlights, boat trip, visiting a conference, barbecue in the park, etc.

Information about our special activities are given during the services in due time. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Check our upcoming events.

Philipino Group

Our brothers and sisters from the Philipines usually meet on Fridays or Saturdays. This group is in Philippino language.

For any details contact: Mario on +41 76 716 95 46

Christian Life

Every Wednesday there is a group that meet to learn more about the Christian Life. We study the Bible, pray together. You can bring any questions you have and we'll discuss them. This group is in English and/or French.

Example of topics:

What does it mean to follow Christ today? What does the Bible say? What are our values and how do we live them?

For more Information contact Ebenezer (076 586 82 29) or Paco .