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Our team

Vineyard Geneva is run by a dedicated multicultural, international team. The responsibilities are shared among the team members.

Meet our team members:

Paco (Francisco) Hernandez - Pastor

Sylviane Recchia-Nievergelt - Music

Christine Aibangbee - Children

Ebenezer Alphonsus Aibangbee - Technicals 

Mario Mojica - Logistics

Sarah Martinez - Administration

Brigitte Junod - Translation

Mildred Mason - Coffee and fellowship

Niza Bollinger - Mission 



Tribute to Markus Schori

Vineyard Geneva is deeply saddened to announce the death of Markus Schori, Pastor of Vineyard Geneva from 1994 to 2013. For about twenty years, Markus and his wife Priscilla have shaped, carried  and perpetuated the Vineyard way of thinking in Geneva.

We are grateful for his life, his friendship and the inheritance he leaves us. Vineyard  Geneva carries and will always carry the fingerprint of Markus, and we are grateful for that.

Our thoughts and our prayers go to his wife, his children and his mother.